Company Overview

Corporate name: TECS Corporation
CEO: Kumiko Sakano
Foundation: January 20, 1984
Establishment: March 1, 2012
Capital: 14,100,000 yen
Banker: MUFG Bank, Gotanda branch
Web site:
Address: 7-1-9 Gotanda HS Bldg., Nishi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan
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Phone: +81-3-3493-7811 (Representative)
FAX: +81-3-3779-0688

Corporate guide video

Corporate Guide (PDF)

Corporate Guide (PDF)

Main Customers

Sony, Sony Group, Fuji Xerox System Service, ART JAPAN, SEB Japan, Nikkiso, Living Technology, Corona Industries, Plus, Wacom, Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, Oak Lawn Marketing, Canon Electronics, ANA, JFE Engineering, Photosynth, Sanyei Corporation, Nodahappy, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Seiritsu, Idea International, Sanden, Nihon System Kaihatsu, Conair Japan, QVC Japan, Grohe Japan, Triple W, and more (Random order)


January 1984 Established as an international publication/technical information production company at Higashi 2-chome, Shibuya, Tokyo by Yusuke Usui. Three sections were created: Creative, Engineering, and Language. The main client was Sony Corporation.
September 1985 Moved offices to the fifth district of Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku as a result of company growth.
September 1990 Moved offices to the third district of Nishi-Gotanda as a result of company growth.
May 1995 Moved offices to the current location at the seventh district of Nishi-Gotanda. Connected 50 Macintosh computers to TECS-NET. Introduced Presen Movie.
May 1998 Expanded TECS-NET to 120 computers. Introduced DocuTech in June.
September 2000 Expanded TECS-NET to 200 computers. Used service technical information via PC. Announced the e-Manual.
May 2002 Introduced the translation support tool "TRADOS" and began multilingual localization services.Founded TECS Corporation of China in Shenzhen, China. Started documentation services in China.
December 2002 Received certification as a Sony Green Partner.
December 2004 Delivered the Technical eViewer System Version 1 based on the TECS “Chizai Soko®” for technical research.
August 2008 Began production of PPT (PowerPoint) movies.
February 2009 Began taking orders for the PDF Movie Manual.
January 2010 Announced a renewed version of the TECS PDF Movie Manual.
May 2010 Announced “TECS Hybrid Manual”. Incorporated TECS PDF Movie Manual.
February 2012 CEO Yusuke Usui dissolved TECS as voluntary liquidation.
March 2012 The 10 employees took over the goodwill from former TECS, Ltd. and established new TECS Corporation. Kumiko Sakano became CEO.