Manual Production

Extensive experiences

TECS has a proven track record of manual production for more than 30 years.

When it comes to creating technical documents, you can leave it to TECS that is highly specialized in the area of technical documents from instruction manuals for consumers to operation manuals of industrial equipment.

Ensuring user-friendliness and safety

TECS puts the utmost importance on “ensuring user-friendliness and safety” when creating manuals and other documentation. We strive to employ expressions and layout that are easy to understand without a chance of misunderstanding.

Manuals as promotion tools

TECS considers manuals as one of the sales promotion tools just like catalogs and brochures.

As the Internet has become an essential part of our daily life across all age groups, more and more manufacturers post their manuals on their websites. In addition, there are increasingly more cases where consumers view the manual of the product they consider purchasing on the Internet before moving on to actual purchase. This trend is most likely to be accelerated. This is because manuals often contain a wealth of accurate product information that many of the users want to know about, which may not be written in catalogs or brochures.

Manuals that convey the charms of the product and details of the functions can become a powerful promotion tool that leads to customer satisfaction.

Minimizing risks

Manuals are said to be a part of the product.

IEC stipulates that instruction manuals are an essential part of the product for its safety operation and maintenance. Manuals should provide necessary information to the users, and prevent the users from mishandling the product. (IEC-82079-1, stipulated by International Electrotechnical Commission)