Videos for Exhibitions

Presentation tools can be more sophisticated using videos on PowerPoint

TECS incorporates images, videos and sound into PowerPoint to make it a sophisticated, yet easy to manage presentation tool. The clients can easily make corrections or add contents by themselves as required, which contributes to reducing time and cost.

Sample videos

XCI Series Intelligent Camera (Sony Corporation)

This is an explanatory movie for a surveillance camera. Created as a promotional tool, this movie is played at exhibitions or during sales talks.

We based this product on PowerPoint with embedded movies and audio. With a simple PowerPoint base, text and images can be replaced easily.

OPW Kamlok (TOYOX)

This movie was created to explain the features of an industrial hose joint. By using Flash video to reveal internal functions that cannot be seen from the outside, TOYOX can use visual methods to clearly show how its product differs from competing products. The base application is PowerPoint, with embedded Flash video and BGM.