Video Manuals and Tutorial Videos

Procedures and know-hows can be understood better in a video. Also, videos convey more information about the function as well as it’s appealing.

Especially, complex operations and motions that are hard to describe in words can be understood at a glance. The internal motions can also be displayed and visually understood, which can lead to drastic reduction in cost that would have been required for learning and training.

TECS can also localize the videos so it is possible to incorporate them in a training manual for overseas offices.

Embedding a video in PDF

Videos can be embedded in PDF manuals so it is possible to create a PDF manual and use it as a video manual and print it to use it as a paper manual.

Concept of embedding a video in a PDF file

Video files are embedded in a PDF file, so only the final PDF file is needed, which is easy to store and manage.

Also, by creating buttons and links, it is possible to create interactive contents just like web sites.

Sample works

Client Electronic appliance manufacturer
Type PDF video manual
Description TECS created a troubleshooting manual to deal with error messages for training by embedding videos in a PDF file. As the required action varies depending on the situation where the error message is displayed, links are provided in a flow chart so that only the necessary information can be viewed by clicking on the link.
Sample Video manual sample Work flow

Embedding videos in a web manual

The level of understanding dramatically rises by embedding videos in manuals created in the HTML format.

There are the following three ways to play back videos, each of which has an advantage and a disadvantage.

Embedding a YouTube video:
This is the easiest way, and you do not have to worry about the storage space because the data is on a server, but it cannot be played back off-line.
Playing back a video using HTML5:
The video can be played back off-line in this way, but it takes some efforts to create this.  Moreover, it cannot be played back on old web browsers.
Embedding a Flash video:
The video can be played back off-line in this way, but it cannot be played back on mobile devices of iOS or Android.

The best way varies depending on the purpose of use and device to use, so please contact us to find out the best solution.

We can create the video, and upload it to YouTube for easy sharing.

Sample works

Client Wellness equipment manufacturer
Type Tutorial video
Description A tutorial video showing how to register to a cloud service. This was used in the Health & Fitness 2014 exhibition. This video explains how to register an account and how to link with the mobile application. Although it is not a difficult task, having to explain this on site would be too much of a labor. The workload at exhibition would be reduced by having this tutorial video cover simple operation methods and playing it in loop.