Conformity to the IEC82079-1 Standard

IEC82079-1, which was issued in 2012, is the international standard about operational instructions including manuals.

IEC82079-1 has 115 requirements including the following examples.

Operational instructions as a part of the product

IEC82079-1 stipulates that the product must be accompanied by the operational instruction document that includes all the information that the user of the product needs to know in accordance with the purpose of use of that product.

Consistency of information

Consistency is required for the information provided from the manufacturer to the consumers. For example, it is important to keep the information on the package, advertisement and web site consistent.

Freedom of media to provide operation instructions

The way the operation instructions are provided is not limited to paper media, but it is now possible to provide them solely on the website. At the same time, the same level of perfection as the paper media is required for the on-line media.

Obligation to provide the operation instructions after sales (viewing on-line)

The operation instructions must be stored for an expected lifetime of the product. Therefore, it is preferable to publish the operation instructions for the consumers on-line, so that they can search at any time.

Creation and correction of the operation instructions

IEC82079-1 defines the quality of the authors by stating that the creation, checking, and/or correction of the operation instructions must be performed either by writers with a specialized knowledge or by specialists.

This standard is set for the operation instructions of all the consumer products.

Furthermore, unlike its predecessor IEC62079, IEC82079-1 takes on-line usages into consideration.

It is expected that this standard will be required for the approval of CE Marking in the near future, so it will be a great advantage if the product conforms to this standard.

TECS can create manuals conforming to IEC82079-1.

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