Web Page Design

TECS creates web sites that truly work – from text writing and design to SEO measures to localization.

Creation of web sites

TECS first listens to the clients’ needs, analyzes the current issues and traffics, and pinpoints what to address. Based on this set of information, we propose the structure of the web site (site map), and start building it upon approval from the client.

Not only how it looks, but we also we focus on SEO measures and branding issues, to build a web site that truly works.

Web site sample

Optimized view on any device

TECS creates responsive web sites that can be viewed optimized on various devices like tablets and smartphones.

How to display the contents will change depending on the width of the browser, so that the web site can be displayed in an optimal form on any device.

* Click on the image to view the actual page.

Tablet verticalDisplay on a smartphone 2

Creation of HTML animation

Animation that used to be expressed using Flash can be expressed on HTML platform. By doing so, animation can also be viewed on devices that cannot play back Flash, such as Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Simple motions can often be better explained using an animation instead of a video. Furthermore, it is possible for example to alter the orientation of an object with a click, which can make the contents more interactive.

SEO measures

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” With appropriate SEO measures, the web site will be displayed higher on the Google search results.

The search result is a very important factor when building a web site. Users often only look at the web sites that are displayed on the first page of the search results. According to a source, the rate that the users click on the first page of the search results (No. 1 to No. 10) is said to be 91.5%. In other words, only eight out of 100 people visit the second and later pages.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the web site displayed on the first page of the search results.

For example, it is effective to aim for the upper ranks using rare key phrases combining two or three keywords, instead of using the words that everyone would use.

Points of SEO

In the past, it was important to have many other web sites or highly ranked websites link to your web site. But nowadays, the most important factor for the SEO measures is the quality of what is actually written in the web site.

However, writing text takes much time and efforts.

TECS creates quality text by gathering information including the concept and vision, and organizing it in a clear manner. Also, we are willing to support renewal and periodical maintenance.

Creation of web manuals

TECS can create HTML manuals instead of or in addition to traditional paper manuals. HTML manuals can not only be viewed on-line, but also can be distributed in CDs or USB memories, or viewed off-line on a PC.

TECS proposes web manuals that are not merely a PDF file posted online, but the ones that are truly unique to HTML.

For details, please visit the web manual creation page.