Creation of manuals for the ballast water management system for JFE Engineering

TECS created the manuals for the ballast water management system used on large ships.

Since this is a specialized system, professional staff at TECS started to read a set of documents supplied from the client in order to fully understand the content. Then, we analyzed the manuals of the competing companies, and checked the requirements from the US Coast Guard. After that we actually went to a shipyard for gathering information. The Japanese version was completed in six months.

Although this is a complex system with numerous machines combined, the actual users are the crew on ships, so we used many illustrations and flow charts so that they can easily understand the content only by looking at the figures.

We started translating the Japanese version into English, and the English version was completed in two months.

The completed manual contains more than 1,000 pages in order to meet strict requirements of the US Coast Guard. The client was satisfied with the outcome.

Furthermore, based on the knowledge we gained from creation of the manual, we also created a video for training the crew in both English and Japanese.
Because we offer a one-stop solution for manual creation, video creation and translation, a variety of materials can be created smoothly.

Manuals for the ballast water management system