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Creation of a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) Manual

HEMS is an energy management system installed in a residence that works in combination with various home electrical appliances, allowing the residents to view the energy consumption as well as remotely control them.

TECS created the instruction manual for this system focusing on the structure where the users can quickly find necessary information by dividing it into three major sections: Installation, Configuration and Operation.

As the system is generally hidden from the view of the users, we incorporated as many conceptual diagrams as possible so that the users can easily understand how it works.

TECS creates this type of manuals in the following workflow:

TECS discusses with the client to understand the overview of the system, and submits a rough estimate and organization plan

Gathers information in details and takes screenshots where applicable

Submits an accurate estimate and starts production upon confirmation from the client

Submits the first draft (with the layout) in about three weeks to a month

Applies corrections as instructed by the client

The manual is completed

The actual manual introduced here took about three months to complete.

Installation (72 pages)


Configuration (70 pages)


Operation (36 pages)


Product introduction video for gynecology equipment

TECS created a product introduction video for a gynecology inspection table.

Video-shooting, script writing and translation from Japanese into English and Chinese were all done by our staff.

Not only the introduction of the product, but the video also conveys the deeper concept of the product by showing the history of the company and the background of the product development.


The video was converted into the HTML format and stored in CDs so that it can be widely distributed for sales promotion.

The video clips can be freely switched by clicking the buttons in the menu.


Product introduction video for gynecology equipment

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