Our Expertise

Catalogs, manuals, and other technical documents

TECS stands for Technical Communication Strategies. The creation of technical communication tools is what we pride ourselves on, with a long history and proven track records. We have a team of creators consisting of writers, designers, DTP operators, translators and project managers, all work together to ensure integrity. The translators are familiar with the style, structure, and purposes of these types of documents and ensure the exact information of the source document will be conveyed to the target audiences to prompt appropriate actions while minimizing the risk of failure.

Web sites

TECS is a one-stop station for web site building from the design and coding to localization. We can translate in any file format including html, xml, images, php, Javascript, Flash, and more. This one-stop solution can drastically cut the cost for your web site localization needs.

Compliance training materials

As companies reach out to the global markets and hire employees with different backgrounds, establishing a solid standard on compliance as well as work ethics is crucial for the survival of their business. One seemingly “minor” compliance violation could end up with devastating damage.

To safeguard the companies from such potential risks, TECS provides translation for compliance training materials, putting importance on expressions that are easy to understand for all readers of the target language to ensure the translated documents can be an effective tool to convey the intended message.

Subtitles and voiceover scripts

In many cases, videos convey not only information but also emotions and subtle nuances. How these are expressed is greatly different from culture to culture, and the literal or “faithful” translation would only serve to jeopardize the whole story. TECS recognizes the importance of localization where we take the core message that the video intends to convey and apply it to the target culture in a natural way possible.

Social media messages

Many companies use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract followers to their products or services. Due to limited spaces, the expressions tend to be short and direct, like “Buy Now!”. Using machine translation on this type of message is not recommended where it would turn into a strict order. Instead, it must be translated in a careful way, especially in Japanese where politeness matters, to avoid sounding rude or even offensive. TECS carefully considers the context of the message as well as the emotional effect that it may bring about to the readers.


We provide proofreading services by native speakers of the language from around the world. Not only the grammar of the language is vetted but also the market appropriateness and other subtle points will also be carefully checked.

Software GUI (Graphical user interface)

We provide translation services for the GUI on software from the development phase, taking into consideration the limitation in the number of characters. TECS has ample experience in this field and knows the tumbling blocks in localizing the UIs, where often the source words are extremely truncated in order to fit the narrow space.

Take a look at your computer keyboard, where “Ctrl” means “Control” and “PrtScn” means “Print Screen.” What if the translator interpreted “Ctrl” as “Central”? To avoid this type of disaster, TECS takes extra steps to expand the truncated source to its full spelling, have the translators translate it, and then truncate the translated word according to the length limit. We will make sure that no elements in your localized software will leave a big question mark on your users' heads.