Our Expertise

Catalogs, manuals, and other technical documents

Translation staff with a thorough knowledge in the products, markets, and technical information coordinates the projects. We ensure that the most of the translations are done by native translators. Ad copies, manuals, and other technical documents are among our specialties.

Web sites

TECS is a one-stop station for web site building from the design and coding to localization. We can translate in any file format including html, xml, images, php, Javascript, Flash, and more. This one-stop solution can drastically cut the cost for your web site localization needs.

Documents for visa and other applications (with certificate of translation)

There are many cases where a certificate of translation is required for an application of visa for studies abroad or international marriage, as well as in global business settings. Especially, a certificate of translation issued by a translation company has been mandated for application of the British visa since January 2009. TECS is ready to translate your documents and deliver the outcome as fast as possible. A certificate of translation will also be issued at your request.


We provide proofreading services by native speakers of the language from around the world. Not only the grammar of the language is vetted but also the market appropriateness and other subtle points will also be carefully checked.

GUI (Graphical user interface)

We provide translation services for the GUI on software from the development phase, taking into consideration the limitation in the number of characters.