Automatic Multi-language DTP Service

TECS combines several applications such as InDesign and Trados Studio to achieve a shortest possible work flow where translation and DTP are carried out almost at the same time.

The advantage includes a dramatic reduction of human errors, shorter turnaround, and lower cost.

Translation and DTP done at the same time

Not only conventional Word files, but also InDesign or HTML files that have layout data embedded can also be translated easily and effectively on the Trados Studio platform, which makes it possible to translate while maintaining the layout.

This work flow not only eliminates human errors, but also greatly reduces time and cost.

Translation memory database

By using Trados Studio, the translated sentences and phrases will automatically stored in the translation database, which will be reused whenever the same or similar expressions would emerge in later projects. The cost will be lower and the expression will be consistent.

Translation memory database

Automatic Multiple-language DTP Service flow

Comparison with the conventional work flow

When revising a 120 page manual in five languages, for example, our Automatic Multiple-language DTP Service can reduce 40% of man-hours and 50% of working days.

Automatic Multiple-language DTP Service comparison chart